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What I’m looking forward to about life in the USA

Well, it’s a little over three weeks before we depart these shores (so I really should be getting on with my to do list rather than procrastinating on here) so I’ve naturally been getting a little excited about what is to come.  These are the top things I’m looking forward to:

Proper Weather – you know, real snow, like 6 feet of it, not the inch or so we used to have in Cornwall that would completely paralyse the whole county overnight.  Or major thunderstorms (yes, anybody who knows me is well aware that I am poop-your-pants-scared of them, so I figure they may as well be worth being scared of).  Also looking forward to living in a country that is able to deal with weather like this and not grind to a complete halt at the first sign of any snow, ice, rain, extreme heat etc.

Mysterious Brands – I fully intend to spend hours wheeling a large trolley around Walmart, staring in awe at all the weird and hitherto unknown brand names for all the boring stuff I need to buy.  While also mourning the loss of Doom Bar, Betty Stoggs and Marmite from my shelves.  Also looking forward to finding out how different the High Street shops are (not that they have High Streets in the USA, but you know what I mean), and educating myself so I don’t accidentally walk into a Bon Marche equivalent thinking it’s a Next equivalent etc.

Living 10 minutes from the beach – although we currently live about 10 minutes from the beach, I don’t think that Stokes Bay really competes with the beaches of the USA (sorry fellow Gosport residents).

Living in a different culture for three years – which in some ways is easy as at least the language is the same.  But then it’s not really, is it (fanny pack, anyone?)?  Can’t wait to see life in the USA is all about, and how long it takes for me to be assimilated.  Resistance is futile, after all.

Doggy bags – although I still feel it’s fundamentally wrong to serve portion sizes so large that people take half of it home as a matter of course, I do like the idea of only needing to eat about twice a week …

Getting there in the first place – the Barbie-size cutlery with the iddy-biddy airline food, the personal entertainment system at my seat (which on my last trip to New York resulted in me watching the entire first series of Will & Grace back to back while the hubby took the rather more sensible option of getting a night’s sleep) ….  I love all the paraphernalia about flying.  I’m just not that keen on the actual flying bit itself.  Which is probably why I distract myself so much.

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