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And the award goes to …..

It’s awards season. There seem to have been flippin’ hundreds of these shows on recently, on both sides of the Pond. I managed to miss the BAFTAs (although I imagine it mainly involved Stephen Fry being charmingly adorable) however I have seen the Brits and the Grammys and I’m now sitting through the Oscars. I suppose I should be drawing some insightful comparisons between the ceremonies. My current observation is that Russell Crowe can’t sing live, and Anne Hathaway is no Susan Boyle but is still sporting my haircut. So you can tell what sort of incisive comment you will get from me then.

What is it with Americans and late Sunday night events, by the way? Superbowl, Grammys, Oscars – do these people not have jobs to get to on a Monday morning?

I feel in Britain that we have always been taught that America does everything bigger and better and that American things are in some way more important. Like, the Oscars are the pinnacle of the film world but a BAFTA is nice. Now I’ve been in the USA for a while, I’ve realised that this is not the case (no disrespect, USA, I still love ya). The Grammys and Oscars may be bigger but not necessarily better. In the UK we just do things differently. For example, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift performed at both the Grammys and the Brits, and both ceremonies celebrated the best talent from the respective countries. The difference, I think, is in the style of the shows which is really a reflection of the style of the countries themselves. Britain never takes itself too seriously while America likes to look polished to perfection. Hence Lily Allen happily tweeting before the Brits that she’s forgotten her nipple pads and is going to be late because she’s gone to the wrong address. We love a bit of that in the UK, makes us all feel better about our own slight crapness. I can’t imagine any of the Hollywood actresses sharing any such similar stories, and neither would most American women I have met want them to, as they are busily aspiring to be the best they can be, and good luck to them too.

You wouldn’t see James Corden or his Grammy counterpart sitting on the laps of various boyband members in the audience of an American awards ceremony. However, where else but the Oscars would you get the magic of Harry Potter doing the soft shoe shuffle with the kid who used to be in 3rd Rock From the Sun? Fabulous.

Anyway, I digress. Two hours down, one to go. And the award goes to me, for managing to stay awake right to the end……..

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