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Fobbed Off

In the UK my purse was stuffed to the gills with loyalty cards.  In the USA, the key fob seems to be the thing.  I’ve got one for the gym, one for the library, one for the coffee shop and one for the pool (that’s my life pretty much summed up in key fobs).  So, 4 fobs, but only 2 keys.  Hey ho.

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What a load of rubbish

Today we visited Mount Trashmore.  Not really much of an impressive mountain, certainly not by American standards, as it’s only 60 feet high.  However, it was created from landfill, which is pretty impressive.  We saw some crazy people running backwards down the mountain in near 100F heat; not nuts at all, of course not.  We managed a nice leisurely walk around the mountain and the lake, admiring the nearby houses along our way, and ignoring the six-lane freeway to the side of us.  WAAAAY too hot for that sort of thing really!

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What’s the Point?

It’s Munden Point!

At the weekend we ventured a few miles south to Munden Point, an area of park with your usual picnicking and leisure amenities.  And a HUUUUUUGE lake that was full of people jetskiing and boating.  Really quite impressive.  It’s obviously a popular place as all the covered picnic areas were reserved for parties (and when I say “picnic” I mean they have electric hookups and BBQs and all sorts of stuff, not just a picnic table like you would expect in the UK).  (And when I say “picnic table”, the ones here were the size of a boardroom table, not the size of a handkerchief like you would expect in the UK).

We played Frisbee Golf, which is a real game and not just available on the Wii Fit.  Who knew?  All that was missing was a dog to catch the Frisbee really.  It’s a very similar set-up to normal Golf, i.e. 18 holes, you have to get the frisbee into the hole in as few shots as possible, I’m rubbish at it, etc.

What I thought was a little weird, but then afterwards thought was really quite touching, was the big group of 30 or so people who were having their annual family reunion at the park.  I knew this because they all had matching T shirts printed, saying “Travis Family Reunion July 2012 Munden Point”.  Brothers of mine, watch out, this may be our collective look when we have the “Hall Family Reunion 2015”!

The other thing that I found really strange, having only been out of the UK for less than a month, is that the road to Munden Point is a one-lane-per-side winding road through the countryside.  You know, pretty much like every road in the UK.  And absolutely no roads whatsoever in the US.  Most of our neighbourhood streets are long, straight, 3-4 lanes each way minimum..  It was something of an experience driving our tank-sized car along a narrow (“normal”) road, with me checking we didn’t cross over the middle line and the husband making sure we didn’t career off into a ditch.  It was a masterful feat of skill and daring 😀

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