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Still running…

Just a little update – so far this year I have run 335km, which is as far as from home to Washington DC! And astonishingly 104km of that was during the last 30 days! Time for a short rest I think!!

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Jim’ll Fix It

You know how, in Desperate Housewives and the like, the maintenance men are always young and hot?  That’s not the reality, let me tell you.  I’ve called the maintenance man out three times when the husband’s been at work, and while he is undoubtedly adorable (and actually good at fixing things, which I suppose is the key point), he must be fast approaching 65.  Sigh.

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Supersize Me – 11th July 2012

As expected, everything is mega-sized out here.  The cooker, the fridge-freezer, the tumble dryer and the washing machine are all about 1½ times the size of their UK equivalents (and don’t get me started on the cars…).  And the amount of controls on the washing machine … well … it’s just designed to confuse me.  What’s wrong with a simple on/off switch?

It all makes me wonder whether, in three years’ time, we’ll also be supersized.

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A Place of Our Own – 7th July 2012

We moved into our apartment and it did not disappoint, not one bit.  I can safely say it’s around twice the size of the flat we have just left in the UK (including 9 foot high ceilings).  The master bedroom has a walk-in closet which is so big you could fit a double bed into it.  It’s going to be my “safe room” when we have a hurricane warning (who wouldn’t be comforted by the sight of all those shoes???).  The fridge probably isn’t far off the same size (too cold to be a safe room though).  Or the oven (too hot for a …. oh, okay).  We have a balcony which is just crying out for a table and two chairs, although not really necessary as we also have the use of a communal pool area full of sun loungers.  It was way too hot to try that out though … 102F and still rising.

We did fit in our first trip to Walmart, already known by us as Asda.  Sadly I have to report that none of the infamous “people of Walmart” were in evidence.  Probably the biggest freaks in there were the two Brits trying to explain to bemused Americans what orange squash is.  They don’t have it, apparently.  What I did find was “Drink Enhancer”, which to all intents and purposes is a Barbie-sized squash bottle and you add about half a teaspoon to a glass of water to flavour it.  Weird, but I quite like it.

Other than that, we just bought the essentials (bedding, bin liners and lightbulbs) and then spent the day unpacking, which brings me to here, sitting on a stupidly large bed in an unbelievably huge rom, going “Are we really here???”

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Settling in Already!

Today we finally got full details of the apartment we will be living in for the next three years.  Yay!  I’m pleased to report that it is in a nice looking area with all the amenities we could dream of within spitting distance, and the apartment itself is about twice the size of where we live now.  (Although, a nice new shoebox would be a vast improvement on where we live now, quite frankly…).  Our contacts in the area have confirmed that it is in one of the better parts of the city so that should be one less thing to be fretting about.

In more exciting news (for me at least!)  we have got tickets to see Kiss at our local venue two weeks after we arrive in the USA.  This was one the big things on my to do list of stereotypical American stuff, but I really didn’t think I’d be ticking it off quite so soon!  As it’s an outdoor venue, I will be covered in mozzie bites by the end of that night, but it will be worth it (wonder if they sell Kiss-branded antihistamines or mozzie spray?  They’ve got pretty much every other type of merchandise covered …)

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